4 Things That Every Vaper Should Know

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What do you call someone who vapes? A vaper – well, that’s what we think they should be called, anyway. If you’re a vaper, then you should know the following four things. If you vape, and you don’t know about the following four things, then we can only assume that you find vaping somewhat frustrating.

The following four tips will help to improve your vape experience:

  1. Always carry an extra battery – especially with the smaller mods.

Vaping is a habit, and as with all habits, when you can’t indulge, you can become incredibly frustrated. With vaping, this frustration is 10-fold if you use nicotine juices.

If you run out of battery, you can’t vape, and so you can’t get your hit. Vape batteries last between 4 hours and 10 hours of continuous use. Keeping a spare on you, or in a special compartment on your mod box, will help to ensure that you’re never caught short.

  1. Buy Multiple Tanks if You Have Several E-juice Favourites.

Your e-juice can permeate the tank, so that when you vape a different flavour, the old flavour mixes with the new, giving you an impure taste. To avoid this, you should use multiple tanks for different flavours.

If you bought a lot of juices from an e liquid sale, then you might consider having tanks that correspond to flavour types, e.g. acidic, fruity, and base. This will save you the cost of buying many different tanks, and will help to minimise cross over between flavours. Glass tanks are also much more resistant to taking on the flavours.

  1. If Your E-juice Loses Flavour, Try a New Flavour

When you smoke the same flavour all the time, you might come to feel that it’s lost its flavour. If you’ve allowed it to steep, and you still can’t taste the flavour, then it could be that you’ve become too used to it, and you need to give it a rest for a few weeks. Buy some new flavours at ane liquid sale and experiment for a bit before coming back to the original flavour, which you should now be able to taste again.

  1. Carry a Vape Rag

A vape rag is just a scrap of absorbent cloth that you use to wipe up vape juice spillages. It will come in handy because spillages happen often!

These tips will help make the vaping habit that little bit more pleasant.

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