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The next Arab Women’s leadership Forum, that was presented in Dubai in January in 2010, was joined by very nearly 600 businesswomen from the various Arab countries. The one thing that was popular among each one of these women was the fact that all were clothed in abayas and shown the picture of the right Muslim women. To the outsider, it may have appeared these girls were meek or subdued; but, in fact these girls exuded very high quantities of confidence.

The company women were seen in all types of abayas and the quantities of enthusiasm and confidence they exhibited at the forum were certainly not less than the elegant and sophisticated businesswomen of the european world. In reality it appeared that the abayas offered them an added layer of energy and energy that was pouring into the deliberations on the different organization connected discussions that were held.

One of the essential topics below discussion was to inspire feamales in the guy concentrated groups which are commonplace in the Arab countries Dubai hijab. The women keynote speakers put emphasis on these matters and discussion also led towards how wearing abayas shouldn’t provide any hindrances in succeeding in the corporate world.

Women entrepreneurs were also especially encouraged and suggested about improving and excelling at their work with no constraints that the western world areas on ladies in abayas. The women’s forum brought under review issues that can help the attendees to development and grow their company projects therefore that they’ll compete with the huge photos of the world.

Attending that forum were Turkish minister for girls and household affairs; Selma Kavaf, Kuwaiti member of the parliament; Aseel Al-Awadhi, and several other representatives from NGO’s along with personal firms and members from different Arabic governments. Dubai’s own distinguished working girls were in attendance as recent statistics display there are more intelligent women than men in UAE nowadays and these girls follow productive careers in all areas of life.

It was a refreshing meeting to attend because it actually offered relaxing and contemporary opinions that could support working Muslim women to great lengths. In addition, it indicated that no real matter what the external appearances might portray, it is the inner strengths that aid in reaching for the stars. Whether it is simple black abayas that you use, or the more contemporary european matches, the women behind the wardrobe is what matters. These Middle Eastern women clothed in abayas exuded large levels of self-confidence and passion for the working women of today.

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